Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lord of the Rungs 2017 - April 4

The 5th Annual Lord of the Rungs campusboard competiton will be held on Tuesday, April 4th. Hours will vary by location, Any gym (or home gym) with 1" rungs spaced at 22 cm is welcome to join in; if you're interested, just email me. There is a website for tracking all the moves and scores, from all the gyms in real-time. Each competitor will be able to access their scorecard and a to-do list of the moves yet to be done. If you're planning on competing, create an account now (otherwise we can't log your moves) at portal.lordoftherungs.com then click "register" to enter the event. If you've competed in the past, your account will still be there.
   In addition to the individual competition, there is a team competition. Team scores are based on the score of the 5 top people from your location (there has to be at least one female on the team.)
   The move list is unchanged from last year. The scoring has been simplified: every move is worth 1 point. This makes knowing how far you are ahead/behind very easy. Last year's winner would have had 60 points under this system - let's see if someone can beat it this year!

Participating Gyms:

Diablo Rock Gym (Concord, CA)
Dogpatch Boulders (San Francisco, CA)
Earth Treks Climbing Centers (Golden, CO)
Great Western Power Company (Oakland, CA)
LA Boulders (Los Angeles, CA)
Origin Climbing & Fitness (San Francisco, CA)
Rock Jungle Fitness (Edmonton, AB - Canada)
Santa Barbara Rock Gym (Santa Barbara, CA)
Sender One (Santa Ana, CA)
Sender One (LAX, CA)
The Cliffs Climbing (New York, NY)
The Pad (Santa Maria, CA)

more coming soon...