Monday, April 4, 2016

Lord of the Rung 2016 - Results

This year's competition was our largest yet with over 100 competitors from eight climbing gyms. On the men's side, Connor Gurzi took first place - proving that this is a hard title to hold as no man has won the event twice. Last year's winner, Steve Lapen finished second with newcomer Rowland Chen coming in third. Whereas, on the women's side, Andree Areno won her fourth title followed closely by Deanna Lapen; with newcomer Laura Hechtlinger finishing third. For the first time, the team title involved serious competition with Earth Treks Climbing Center winning the big trophy.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Discussion: Scoring

Going into our fourth competition, we now have enough objective data to completely redo the scoring system and make it as objective as possible. Scoring for the first LOTR competition was done entirely by subjective judgement based on our combined estimation of move difficulty. After each competition, we review the results and adjusted scoring for the next competition; but this system was still largely subjective. Now, I want to present a formulaic approach to generate scores for moves based on the objective difficulty.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Lord of the Rungs 2016 - March 29th

This year's Lord of the Rungs will be held on Tuesday, March 29th. Hours will vary by location, Any gym (or home gym) with 1" rungs spaced at 22 cm is welcome to join in; if you're interested, just email me. We have a few refinements left to the scoring system - all focused on reducing the number of moves competitors need to do. Each competitor will be able to access their scorecard and a to-do list of the moves yet to be done.
   If you're planning on competing, create an account now (otherwise we can't log your moves) at then click "register" to enter the event.
   In addition to the individual competition, there is a team competition. Team scores are based on the score of the 5 top people from your location (there has to be at least one female on the team.)