What if I forgot my login?
Click the "forgot password?" link on the login screen, enter your email, and your password will be emailed to you.
What if I registered at the wrong location or for the wrong team?
Simply click "register" again and select the correct location and team.
Where can I find a list of moves and scores?
Scoring has been moved to the reporting website; this is the current scoring system.
Do failed attempts count against me?
No, and they are not recorded.
Do I get points for repeating a move?
Do I get points for doing a move on the opposite "side?" That is, starting left instead of right?
The wrong move was logged for me, what do I do?
First, delete the inaccurate move (assuming you never did it) by going to your scorecard in the section titled "registration info." Find the move on your scorecard and click the "delete" link to the right of it. Now, go tell your scorer and have them log the correct move.
Do I log failed attempts?
No, only successful moves are recorded.
I logged the wrong score for someone, what do I do?
On the reporting dashboard, on the right is a section titled "registration info." In it, under "scores you logged" is a link to "review scores." This brings up all the scores you logged with the most recent one at the top. Find the move on this report and click the "delete" link to the right of it. Now, log the correct move.
I can't see all the competitors to log their scores.
Two possible causes: First, they might have registered after you went to the "log score" screen. Refreshing the page will fix this. Second, they might have registered at the wrong location; have them register again.
How are ties handled?
Ties are very rare, but not impossible. In the case of a tie in scores, the system looks at this ranking of individual moves from top to bottom to determine the winner.