1. The competition is held on the 1" Metolius medium rungs.
  2. Rungs are spaced at 22 cm. That is from the top of one rung, to the top of the next. (22 cm is not 8.66", 8.67", 8", or 8.5" - it's 22 cm.) There are 9 rungs at this spacing plus a rung at 8.5 in honor of Ben Moon’s campus board. (Just to be clear, that rung would be 11 cm above rung 8.) Thus, 10 rungs total. (Metoluis sells them in sets of 5, so this works out well.)
  3. The board must be mounted far enough from the wall so that feet cannot hit anything, 2-3 feet minimum.

  • Boards are usually between 12 and 20 degrees overhanging.
  • The first rung should be at least 5' above the ground.
  • Mounting the board too close to the wall ruins many campus boards. I highly recommend having the board be 4' or more from the wall. Many big moves require significant leg space under the board. Yes, I know several people like being able to use the wall as a foot option for beginners - but campusing isn't a beginner exercise - and this practice ruins the board for advanced campusers.
  • Rungs are typically 16" wide.
  • Mount the rungs to finished/nice wood, not the plywood of the frame. It's much easier on the skin, and much easier to build and transport. Ideally, this board is 1" wider on each side than the rungs - thus 18" wide. The first rung should be 1" above the bottom of this board. The top should be 4-5" above the top of the highest rung.
  • The frame should be 1-2" wider than all three boards. So with the dimensions above, this would be 3 x 18" = 54" + 1-2" = 55-56" wide.
  • For training, you might want more rungs above the 9th rung if you have room. Still, more rungs sizes if you have space horizontally is even better.

Anyone with access to a regulation board can log their own scores. This is a great way to motivate yourself while training or have a mini-comp in your garage, that's how this got started! You can certify your home board by simply sending me two pics showing the angle and distance between rungs 1 & 9 (my board below.)