Monday, April 4, 2016

Lord of the Rung 2016 - Results

This year's competition was our largest yet with over 100 competitors from eight climbing gyms. On the men's side, Connor Gurzi took first place - proving that this is a hard title to hold as no man has won the event twice. Last year's winner, Steve Lapen finished second with newcomer Rowland Chen coming in third. Whereas, on the women's side, Andree Areno won her fourth title followed closely by Deanna Lapen; with newcomer Laura Hechtlinger finishing third. For the first time, the team title involved serious competition with Earth Treks Climbing Center winning the big trophy.

The massive team trophy

Earth Treks Team Photo pending

The most impressive moves I noticed were 1:2-6-9 2-finger and 1:4-6 mono by Connor Gurzi and the top three competitors all hit 1:6-9. Adding to an already impressive performance by Connor is the fact that the SenderOne gym competed, accidentally, on the big rungs. Upon realizing this, most of their competitors resigned to their scores being disqualified, but not Connor, he repeated enough of his moves late into the evening to finish first.
   For complete scoring down to every move each competitor did, login to (create an account if you haven't done so already.) This also now has the "All-Time Scoring" which incorporates scores logged from all events as well as self-scored moves.
   Many thanks to Andy Patterson of Santa Barbara Iron & Forge for creating amazing trophies.

Top Males:
  1. Connor Gurzi (SenderOne)
  2. Steve Lapen (Santa Barbara Rock Gym)
  3. Rowland Chen (Earth Treks Climbing Center)
  4. Will Anglin (Earth Treks Climbing Center)
  5. Andy Raether (Origin Climbing & Fitness)
  6. Nic Rummel (Earth Treks Climbing Center)
  7. Christopher Chilas (The Cliffs Climbing)
  8. Richard Farbman (Diablo Rock Gym)
  9. Connor Everton (Diablo Rock Gym)
  10. Zach Probert (Diablo Rock Gym)
Top Females:
  1. Andree Areno (Santa Barbara Rock Gym)
  2. Deanna Lapen (Santa Barbara Rock Gym)
  3. Laura Hechtlinger (The Cliffs Climbing)
  4. Liana Chan (LA Boulders)
  5. Lissa Zamolo (Diablo Rock Gym)
  6. Lei-Lei Bavoil (The Cliffs Climbing)
  7. Natali Salama (Origin Climbing & Fitness)
  8. Talia Kohn (The Cliffs Climbing)
  9. Miriam Borgstrom (Origin Climbing & Fitness)
  10. Menesha Mannapperuma (Great Western Power Company)
  11. Bianca Murphy (Diablo Rock Gym)
Santa Barbara Rock Gym Photos
Thanks to Bob Banks for the photos...

Steve Lapen monoing 1:3-5

Deanna Lapen attempting 1:2-3
mono. The match here would
have won her the comp.

Duke Lettieri 2-fingering

Anthony Shiao doing 1:4-6-9