Tuesday, March 11, 2014

T-minus 14 Days to Lord of the Rungs 2014

Tuesday, March 25th is the campusing competition at the Santa Barbara Rock Gym. Three other gyms are competing as well: Rocks & Ropes in Tucson, Diablo Rock Gym in Concord, CA, and LA.B in Los Angeles. Team scores are the top 4 men and top woman at each gym. Andy Patterson of Santa Barbara Forge & Iron is again making trophies for the top gym/team, top 3 men, and top woman - thanks Andy!
   My main goal is 1-5-8 on 1" rungs - my odds are low, like 10%. The video is me in 2010, when I did it as part of Steve Edwards' 50th birthday challenge. The challenges are a good read if you're ever looking for motivation and laughs. Also, if you're enjoying Belt's writing in Allez, his challenge is great - my favorite - well, maybe tied with Todd's. I hope to see you there. Here is a bunch more information including the scores as they are updated.