Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Results: Lord of the Rungs 2013

The first ever campus board competition was a huge success! We had 20 competitors from Santa Barbara and Diablo Rock Gym. We also raised over $150 towards the Santa Barbara bolting fund. (We're always accepting more, in case you enjoyed the event and want to help out.) Here are the final scores:

Top Males:
  1. Thomas Townsend (SBRG)
  2. Connor Everton (DRG)
  3. Phil Requist (SBRG)
  4. Dean Privett (SBRG)
  5. Micah Elconin (SBRG)
  6. Pukester (SBRG)
  7. Andy Patterson (SBRG)
  8. Bernd Zeugswetter (SBRG)
  9. Hans Florine (DRG)
  10. Cade Peirce (DRG)
Top Females:
  1. Andree Areno (SBRG)
  2. Sophia McManus (DRG)
  3. Emma Roberts (DRG)
Teams (top 5 finishers at each gym, must include at least 1 female):
  1. Santa Barbara Rock Gym
    1. Thomas Townsend
    2. Phil Requist
    3. Dean Privett
    4. Micah Elconin
    5. Andree Areno
  2. Diablo Rock Gym
    1. Connor Everton
    2. Hans Florine
    3. Cade Peirce
    4. Sam Olinger
    5. Sophia McManus